NAMI GARDEN 2017 at the Old Hospital/Old Nursing Home facility


Posted by Barb B | Posted in 2017 Community Projects

Work was started at the Old Hospital site with the help of people from the AVITA Clinic.

A front garden was planted with Stokes Asters and Black-eyed Susans.

Foundation plants of St.John’s Wort and Clethra were planted across the front.

At the corner, the Butterfly Bush was trimmed and plantings of creeping phlox or Thrift were made.

On the eastern side of the building, a pollinator garden was planted with butterfly weed, liatris, milkweed and Baptisia. An arch was installed and a crossvine was planted to grow up and around it.

Everyone that came to assist worked very hard pulling weeds and supervising the AVITA clients. I greatlyappreciate it.
Thanks Donna Cates, Chair MGEV

For more information:  President Marty Dellinger

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