2018 Fall Plant Sale – Ask A Master Garden Booth UC Farmers Market

TUMGA MEMBERS & FRIENDS OF TUMGA – Please mark your calendar for September, exact date TBA, for our 2018 fund raiser – Fall Plant Sale

MG’s, we will be having a Plant Sale at the U.C. Farmer’s Market to raise funds for our upcoming projects.  My date choice is September.  The plants are donations of our members, friends, etc. So, take a walk around your yard/garden.  Too many hostas, herbs, daylilies, irises, lilies of the valley and any other perennials that need division?  Do you have shrubs or trees you can take cuttings from (don’t forget your hydrangeas) that you can do NOW?  Do you have saved perennial seeds (or purchase a packet of seeds) that you can plant now?  We will have a small budget that mostly will pay for signs.  So we need pots of various sizes, fertilizer, soil, mulch, and compost.  If you can’t do the digging, I am sure we will help you.  Don’t forget to LABEL all your plants!  I use cut up vinyl blinds.  Perhaps you can help set up for the sale the day before, price plants, help transport plants, sell on Sale Day, give expert advice to our customers, carry plants out to customer’s cars, be a cashier, or clean up when the sale is over.

As you can see there is something for everyone to do!  Believe it or not it can be FUN!    Hoping for 100% participation! Plant Sale Director:  Pat Smith  <patasmith1@gmail.com>