Favorite Tools of TUMGA members 2021

Favorite Gardening Tools 

July 13, 2017 meeting – Cindy Knickerbocker has shared her favorite tools:

Prior Year’s Favorite Tools

Judy Caines would like to bring to your attention to a Stainless Steel Serrated Blade Hand Sickle! This is lightweight and great for cutting the deep roots of weeds. Works well when you have a weed inside a plant that you don’t want to damage.

For more information please click here:
Stainless Steel Serrated Blade Hand Sickle Judy Caines favorite tool

Judy Caines has a wonderful tool for dealing with long gravel driveway or big open gravel areas with persistent weeds.  Please take a look at the Weed Dragon:  WeedDragon from Judy

PS to Weed Dragon info:   Wanted to let you know, if you buy one of the Weed Dragons.  As soon as you turn it on and start using it…the bright green paint (near the end where the flame comes out) will burn off.  Jo Anne thought I should let you all know. She and Tom got one and loved it…but noted this.

They are excellent, especially on small. flat growing weeds that are hard to pull.  I find that tall weeds with roots that pull up easily…are just easier to pull.  Hope this is helpful!  Judy