Gardening Resources 2021

To all our gardening friends, you will be finding more gardening resources listed on this page as they come in. We hope you find them helpful and informative. No endorsement of products by the University of Georgia or the Master Gardener program is intended, nor is criticism implied of similar products not mentioned:

Monarch Report at Meeks Park, May 18th -
From Kim Duval:
We have visitors at Meeks Park tennis courts container garden! Monarch caterpillars munching on butterfly weed (Asclepias Tuberosa). These plants overwintered in the containers from last year.


                                                                2021 Fireflies

As per Becky Griffins talk on fireflies, here are some links she has sent to some of the information she shared with us at the membership meeting on February 11th.
Information on dark skies can be found at

The book I mentioned is Fireflies, Glow-worms, and Lightning Bugs: Identification and Natural History of the Fireflies of the Eastern and Central United States and Canada by Lynn Faust.  It is a wonderful resource for anyone interested in fireflies.

The Extension publication can be found at


Some Pretty Cool Fall Plants to Share

Here is an amazing site from MGEV Annette Hopgood:

Monarchs & Milkweed Information

Donni Folendorf found this great brochure from UGA, click here please: milkweedinformation


April 7th – from TUMGA President Marty – a web site you might like on Micro Prairies in our gardens with Native Plants:

Garden Markers info from TUMGA President Marty:

Good afternoon! I just ran across this Web site and thought I’d share it with you.

Happy First Day of Spring!!


MGEV Annette Hopgood shared the following with us:

Gardening Naturally: 8 Ways to Garden in Harmony with Nature

As gardeners we have the power to make the food we eat gentler on the environment and kinder to wildlife.

In this short video we’ll share eight simple ways to garden in step with nature to reduce our impact on this beautiful planet.

Apple Storing and Processing, the Easy Way

The Big bug Hunt

Let’s Beat the Pests Together

Want a warning when pests are heading towards your garden? Then get involved with the Big Bug Hunt research project! Report any bugs you’ve seen at:

Other Videos to Help You Get the Most from Your Garden

Learn essential gardening techniques in Under 5 minutes with our Gardening How-To video series:

Apple Storing and Processing, the Easy Way

Apple Storing and Processing, the Easy Way
Tips on how to store apples safely and some delicious ways to preserve them:
Watch the video here >>

Growing Fall Salad Leaves from Sowing to Harvest

Growing Fall Salad Leaves from Sowing to Harvest
How to grow a constant supply of fresh salad well into winter:
Watch the video here >>

6 Ways to Extend Your Harvests

6 Ways to Extend Your Harvests
Effective techniques to enjoy your homegrown vegetables for longer:
Watch the video here >>

Saving Seeds from Beans, Peppers, Onions...and More!

Saving Seeds from Beans, Peppers, Onions…and More!
Find out just how easy it is to save seeds from your veggie garden:
Watch the video here >>

Help Your Garden Survive a Summer Drought

Help Your Garden Survive a Summer Drought
Top strategies for keeping your garden healthy in drought conditions:
Watch the video here >>

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MGEV Annette Hopgood found these articles on Garden Design  “Spooky” plants.  Lots of great information.  Click here:

Information on Viburnum Basics:

MGEV David Best found the following information on fall colors:  Happened upon this piece by the US Forest Service that provides concise explanations for why, how and where the autumn profusion of colors transforms our forests into explosions of reds, yellows, oranges and golds.

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”   Albert Camus

July, 2018 we received an email from Jack via his Mom, Nina.  Jack is a 4-H Bug Club member, unknown location, who loves going around his yard looking for bugs.  We did not have a resource he liked and he wanted to share a link he found helpful in identifying bugs: Thank you Jack for sharing this web site.  I did not realize had such information!

May, 2018 Program from May 10th meeting – Japanese Maples
Sharon Griffith of Morganton is a Fannin County Master Gardener and a member of our last class. Her fascination with Japanese maples led her to experiment with varieties and to learn more about the species, Acer palmatum. The Japanese maple, is selected for its cultivars which include a large variety of attractive forms, leaf shapes, and spectacular colors and sizes suited to any landscape. handout, please click here:  Japanese Maple info

August, 2017 - This information provided by MGEV Judy Caines.  Piccadily Farm – This is a place that Jo Anne and I love to go.  It’s near Athens, Ga.  The 2011 class carpooled on a trip there, and if we decide to do so we better have a truck to haul back all the plants we will want to buy.  🙂  We love their hostas!  They have hillsides full of them and many different varieties for sale.  They have another event in early Spring when you can see the hostas in bloom.  For more information:  Piccadilly Farm Nursery and Gardens

August, 2017 - Fall of 2017 Espaliered Tree Availability – This information provided by MGEV Judy Caines.  Click here for this resource: Fall of 2017 Espaliered Tree Availability

November 3, 2015 – Master Gardener Judy Caines has found this information from the University of Georgia on Multi-Colored Asian Lady Beetles and how to treat your home if they come to visit.  They are great in the yard but we do not enjoy having them inside.

October 7, 2015 – Master Gardener Annette Hopgood has provided the following for anyone interested in wetlands plants:

Annette Hopgood also provided this Good Georgia native blog:

 The Spring 2015 plant disease clinic home garden and landscape newsletter from UGA is now available at this link on the plant pathology department website.

Some 2015 Gardening Resources from Master Gardener Marsha Elliott:
On Deer Resistant Gardening, Marsha received this weekly newsletters from the gardening guru – Walter Reeves. He sent this one today on plants that are the best to use for deer control/deer resistance – in his opinion. 99 times out of 100 – he is usually right!!!!!! We all know that deer will eat anything – if they are hungry enough.  Hopefully you will find this article helpful/informative. Click on the site below to view.

 Marsha Elliott also recommends we take a look at American Meadows site for gardening information. She had received her February Newsletter: Plant Pollinators This Year! and thought we would enjoy their information. For complete information on American Meadows, check out their site:

Gardening Resources from Master Gardener Sheleila O’Neal, May 2014. Click here: GoodGardenCatalogs from Sheleila

Master Gardener Trainee Dan Greenfield came across this site and thought it could be helpful “Reference Site for Gardens” –

Master Gardener Annette Hopgood found this great information on “Beneficial Insects” in our gardens with pictures, how they help and how to attract them – beneficial-insects-hgsa

Also from Annette Hopgood, for those folks with animals, a good website regarding poisonous plants:

Master Gardener Trainee Gayle Kusak found this information in her Georgia Gardening Magazine (click for a clear view): Native Plants of Georgia App From your I-phone, I-Pad, and Android devices go the App store and enter “Native Plants of North Georgia” (it is a free download) and follow instructions about your password etc.  It will download and you will have this great reference at your finger tips.

Master Gardener  Annette Hopgood has found this great article written for the SE Horticultural Society in this month’s newsletter on Shade Conifers:

Master Gardener Marsha Elliott suggests checking out a video on “Pruning Perennials” – This is an e-publication – “Extra Dirt” – is put out by the Gardening Club of America and is a very good information.  Copy & paste this in your browser line:;search%3Apruning%20perennials#c=W2S64Q0SVM6FK4DQ&t=Pruning Perennials

Master Gardener Annette Hopgood recommends a good eletronic gardening newsletter:

TUMGA Co-President Jo Anne Allen found this great chart on pruning shrubs by Walter Reeves: WRshrubprunning

Master Gardener Annette Hopgood recommends these sites as  great ones for dahlia info:

If Japanese Beetles are your problem, Annette Hopgood has found a resource recommended by Walter Reeves: UKJapaneseBeetle

TUMGA Co-President Jo Anne Allen discoverd this great information on native plants from the TVA, please check this is out, it includes photos and details about height, light requirements, bloom time and more for each species:

Friend of Master Gardeners, Tom Allen found these great sites: where you can search out butterlies by color pattern, range, time of year and other criteria.

Also for free insect identification, you can email your photos to

A few of the 2014 Master Gardener Trainee’s attended the Canning & Preserving Seminar at GMREC on Friday, August 15th and thought we would share a great resource for information:

Judy Caines, TUMGA Co President, has been given a seed company source from Anthony “Tub” Taylor who has ordered seeds from Twilley Seed Company for 8 or 9 years and has never had an unsatisfactory product!

Dagmar Taylor, Master Gardener Trainee, recommends we check out the Georgia Master Gardeners Association website for a great list of resources and other items of interest to all Georgia gardeners:

November 2014 – Jo Anne Allen, Co-President of TUMGA provided us with a link to “Amazing Trees” Tom Allen received this from a friend and they thought we would enjoy seeing these beautiful and unusual trees! Enjoy: