Horticultural Tip – Monthly at TUMGA meetings

Elaine Bliss presented our Horticultural Tip for July 2015’s meeting on Basil together with some recipes:

Basil horticulture tip Elaine bliss

Sheleila O’Neal, our Horticulture Chairman, presented our horticultural tips at our July 10th meeting. Her information and handouts were amazing, and we share them here for your education and pleasure: Nastursiums: click on this link: Nastursium and the ease and pleasure of growing your own sweet potatoes: click on this link: SweetPotatoes

Judy Caines, TUMGA Co-President, presented the horticultural tip for November 13th meeting on Georgia “Yellow” Buckeyes.  She had seeds and handouts for each of us.  To view this information, please click here:

Yellowbuckeye Hort tip Nov 2014