2016 What Plant and/or Weed Is This?

Ragweed vs.  Goldenrod Р2016

If you suffer from allergies, Judy Caines, MGEV shared the following from UGA:

click here for brochure:  ragweedvs-goldenrod

May 7, 2015 – Master Gardener friends, our own Dan Greenfield asks for help with this plant – “Can you name this?”

Dans unnamed plant May 7 2015

Gardening friends, we all have to deal with weeds in our gardens. MG Judy Caines found this website and is amazing. Take a few minutes to look through the pictures to find the weed you want to know more about (or how to get rid of) and click on the picture for all the information you can imagine. A really amazing resource! Click here:

Judy Caines adds this warning for everyone August 28, 2014:

Many of us in North Georgia that have creeks or other free-flowing waters need to be aware of Nepalese Browntop. It is a VERY invasive grass that is getting ready to go to seed. It can produce 100-1,000 seeds per plant and it can spread all over your property…if ignored. Our property and that of our neighbors, for a mile up the road, have this everywhere. The problem is…it strangles out our native plants! They are taking over and killing out many of the natives on our property: trillium, jack-in-the-pulpit; ginseng; ginger, “little brown jug”, and many more.

Please look for this now on your property and do what you can to “weedwack”, mow, or pull it up (it pulls up easily)…before it seeds!

This is one website with info. There are many more you can find “on-line”. I didn’t realize it was a problem until the HRWC (Hiawassee River Watershed Coalition) was on our property and pointed it out a year ago. It has almost doubled it’s reach up our hillsides since then! So, I want to be sure you don’t suffer the same fate I have!
Nepalese Browntop 1Nepalese Browntop 2
This is how dense it is on our property! about 12 – 18″ high and spreads forever!!