2021 Bluebird Information on installing, cleaning and care for our bird houses & Backyard Birds

January 1, 2021 – The Bluebird Houses maintained by TUMGA will be cleaned and/or repaired around February 14 2021. We use Valentine’s Day as the reminder to get this done yearly. More info will be coming.

2018 Birding

MGEV Vicki Best found this great article on helping our feathered friends survive in this frigid weather:  https://www.southernliving.com/winter/how-do-birds-survive-winter

2017 Bluebird & Projects Continue on

Our bluebird houses and bird condos can be found in Meeks Park on the walking trail as well as the dog walk.  We have nine on the golf course.  We have bluebird and bird houses & bird condos can be found at the new Union County Courthouse.  The condos are hard to miss as they are a lovely shade of lavender.  Our bluebird houses and bird condos can also be seen at the Union County Farmers market.  The houses get cleaned once a year and repairs are made as needed.  For more information on caring for your own, please click here:  Take a look please: Bluebirds info for website

On June 14, 2017, Jo Anne Allen, Tom Allen and Barb Baumgardner installed the final bird condos at the Union County Farmers Market.  The houses run the back side from the cannery out.  We have ordered name plates for the top of each bird condo and will have more about that in the future.

On June 3, 2o17, Jo Anne Allen, Tom Allen and Barb Baumgardner began the installation of the first of the bird condos.  The houses were buildt by Mickey Cummings Dad and my husband sanded and painted them.  We were finally able to get these installed at the new Courthouse.  The first one i right above the day lilies and the other on the backside of the Courthouse where Lamar Paris can see them from his office.

On February 13, 2017, Jo Anne and Tom Allen and Barb Baumgardner continued our program that encompasses the last 15 years of bluebird trails in Union County.  We have dedicated houses in memory of Master Gardener’s Moms and we have a passion of these beautiful birds.


Our Master Gardeners maintain 16 bluebird houses in Union County as of this date, February 14, 2015 and are are looking at explanding our project in Towns County as well. If you know of any houses needing maintenance or a public area in need of a house, please let us know.

Valentine’s Day is the reminder day we use for making sure bird houses (all types but especially bluebird houses) are ready for the upcoming nesting season. You have probably noticed birds going in and out of your houses during the winter where they sometimes gather at night to keep warm.

We are attaching a little brochure with information on maintaining your bird houses and thank you for helping our beautiful bluebird in our area. Please notice the picture of the bluebirds in the bird bath. We are up in the forest and provide them with housing, water and food and they come, so although they prefer open areas you may be blessed enough to enjoy these beautiful birds in your own backyard even if you are in a forested area.