Pioneer Cabin & Garden At Georgia Mountain Fairground 2017


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Pioneer Cabin and Gardens at GMF: Plan for the addition and planting of perennials this year in the cabin area. Finish the rock walkways around cabin. Prepare grounds for GM Fair and other events. An Appalachian garden planted with vegetables of the era. Spring clean-up, planting and mulching; harvesting of crops.
Contact: Sheleila O’Neil

June 2017 Update on Pioneer House

A few pictures of the work this month:

July 2016 Update on Pioneer House

Work has been ongoing around the grounds and in the vegetable garden at the Pioneer House. Several workdays have already been held, and two more are scheduled: Wednesday, July 6 and Wednesday, July 13 beginning at 9:00 am. The beds still need some “prettying up”, bedding plants put out, sawdust moved along the paths, weeds pulled, etc. In addition, some carpentry work needs to be done on the MG booth to get it ready for company. Any contribution of time and energy and gardening/carpentry skills by any MG member would be greatly appreciated for these two workdays. 9:00 is the announced start time,  but folks may certainly start earlier if desired.

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